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“Diving in the Netherlands?! That’s extremely cold, you won’t see a thing and there is no live to be found anywhere!” This is something people who do not know how it is to dive in The Netherlands frequently say. However, this cannot be further from the truth! Diving in in our country is great!

In order to handle the cold, you can simply wear a diving suit (at least 7mm). It can actually be even very warm, especially with new suits. About the visibility: it is not a tropical diving paradise where you can see further than 20 meters; visibility in The Netherlands is usually between 3 and 10 meters; less when you are out of luck and sometimes it is even more than 10 meters when you are lucky. And believe us, this is not an issue, it makes it only more exciting.

True, the underwater life is not that colorful like in tropical places but you will still find beautiful creatures, and lots of them! Zeeland is one of the places which has the most underwater life in the entire world so it is not that strange that people from all over the world visit our country in order to dive.

We invite you to dive with us and discover the Dutch underwater world.

Anemone in Zeeland

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