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In 1973 some students from Groningen came to the idea to found a diving association in order to bring diving in reach of students without having to make major investments in equipment. The result was the Groninger Sutdent (scuba) Diving Club Ad Fundum (G.S.D.G. Ad Fundum).


In the years that followed we grew to what we are right now: a close, sociable, easy-going student diving club with about 100 members, half of which dives still actively. It is usually not difficult to find a dive buddy. Next to the club initiated and organized diving weekends, holidays, (day) trips and regular pub nights, members also socialize outside of the boundaries of Ad Fundum. Many friendships were born here and we even have a number of resulting marriages.



Ad Fundum has its own group with enthusiastic instructors that take care of the diving education within the club. They are assisted by a number of even enthusiastic experienced divers, practicing indoors or outside in pools and lakes.


Compressor, BCDs, air tanks, regulators, our rubber boat, trailer and (from September on) our car, are being managed by your Equipment committee. They maintain a high quality standard and make sure of the right conditions to dive.

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