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Already a licensed diver?

Do you already have your license and do you want to continue diving while studying in Groningen? You are most welcome to join Ad Fundum. You can subscribe anytime and you can commence with your training where you left off.

Level of experience

Ad Fundum dives according to the NOB (Dutch Association for Underwater Sports). It is no problem at all when you already have a license of another organization, you can continue in our club at an equal (predetermined) level. Our licenses are in turn also worldwide accepted. Once we ‘rescaled’ your license to the NOB level / system, you can commence training at our club.

Outdoor introduction

If you already are a licensed diver, you are welcome to join us to our Zeelandweekend in September to get further acquainted. For some people this will also mean that the get acquainted with diving in Dutch water. We will leave Friday morning or evening (different cars) and will return on Sunday. You have to bring your own diving gear (suit, fins, mask, led, etc.) but you don’t have to bring scuba gear, we have this for you (BCD, regulators, tanks). Are you interested in joining? Just contact up!

If you are prevented to join this weekend, you are always welcome to visit one of our pool trainings, our indoor introduction dives and/or a local Ad Fundum Weekend. Contact us if you want to know more.

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