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Other dive spots

Some examples of other place we visit, worth visiting:

Ruinerwold, “The most beautiful lake in the North” is how some people call it. It is comparable to Tynaarlo but with more life, better visibility and more fun in diving. It is 50 minutes’ drive from Groningen.

Joure, a deep well with very dark but at the same time clear water. You need a diving light. This lake is almost 20 meters deep everywhere and you can find huge pikes. Joure is one hour from Groningen.

The Piccardhof Plas, lies within the city of Groningen but usually has poor visibility, it is about 25 meters deep, it has dangerous object but nevertheless there is a lot of underwater life. (Diving is illegal though!)

Geeste, lies in Germany, one and a half hours outside of Groningen. It serves as a cooling basin for a nuclear power plant. It looks as if the radiation affected the underwater life in a way that ale are numerous and perch are very large. Geeste is most beautiful during a night dive. If you only have seen 10 ales, you certainly need to come back!

Ibbenburen, is an underwater park in Germany. You’ll find Greek temples, caves with frequent exits, a shipwreck and sturgeons up to 2 meters. A must see for everyone!

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