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Becoming a member

Every year in September we will admit up to 15 new diving students into our club. There are certain conditions in order to enlist. Firstly, you need to be affiliated to the Hanze University or the University of Groningen. Secondly, you are required to buy an ACLO card as we are an ACLO sports club. Thirdly, you are required to attend the formal indoor dive education from October to March. If there are enough candidates, we also start a second course in February. Did you miss the start of first course in October? Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait in order to become a member; you can enlist in anticipation of the next course. Until then you are welcome follow the training for snorkeling and swimming, and you are most welcome at all our events.

If you already have your divers license, you are welcome to enlist at any time. There are no quota for licensed divers.

You will find us at the yearly Sportplaza during the general introduction week for students (the KEI-week in August). You can enlist as a member but you can also subscribe for one of the introduction dives held in September.

Surf to our contact form if you want to become a member immediately.

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