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Dive education

At Ad Fundum you can follow several different courses. We are member of to the NOB (Dutch Association for Underwater Sports). The NOB is affiliated with the CMAS so our licenses are accepted worldwide.

1* / Open Water Diver

Your 1* training works toward your first license as a novice diver. In order to get your first license, you will need to follow theory lessons, follow training in the swimming pool and also in outside water. You can usually acquire your first license within a year if you put in some effort. A 1* diver can dive worldwide under normal circumstances up to a depth of 20 meters.

2* / Advanced Open Water Diver

After your first license you can advance to your 2* license. For this license you will dive deeper and you will learn to dive under different circumstances like diving at night or in tidal water. For the 2* license you will also improve your diving techniques.

Specialization course Redden / Rescue Diver

Through the Rescue Specialization you will acquire in-depth knowledge on helping divers in need. For your first license you will already acquire basic skills like how to transport victims to the surface but now you will also learn to identify symptoms of divers in destress, how to alert, reanimate and apply oxygen.

3* / Divemaster

For your 3* license we will cover the deeper understanding of diving. You will learn how you can guide other less experienced divers in order to help them experience the beauty of diving.


If you are an experienced 3* Diver / Dive Master and if you would like to teach others how to dive, you can commence the track towards becoming an instructor yourself. This education is given by the NOB. As a club we will help you acquire your instructors license.

Specialization courses

The 1*, 2* and 3* dive training is only a part of what you can follow. There is a whole lot more to learn. The NOB has a whole gamut of Specializations that can help you become a more experienced diver on many subjects. Several of these Specializations will be given within Ad Fundum.


Our 1* diving course will be in English (the others will follow in due time) but note that the official course / training books will still be in Dutch! The lectures will be in English and you will have to put in effort in studying English PADI books and breach the gaps with the Dutch educational system / find the differences (as there are no English NOB books yet).


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