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Club dive and social events

Ad Fundum is an active organization which organizes many (diving) events. That’s why we ask of our members to make their own contribution in helping to make it happen. You can for example help with the logistics of equipment (and people), organize diving events or join promotional activities.

Indoor training

Throughout the year there will be the possibility to follow the indoor training at the WAS swimming pool at the Zernike complex. New members will get first scuba dive education there and other members will get (advanced) snorkel training, work on their techniques in snorkeling and swimming and improve their fitness. Of course with the time to socially interact! After the training we usually go to our favorite pub to discuss the past and upcoming week (or to exchange bad-ass stories about diving or simply to discuss the more philosophical aspects of live, the universe and everything). Because of the wide diversity within our club, evenings are always interesting and a success.

Ad Fundum Weekends

At the end of March, everyone gets itchy and wants to dive into the outside water. A large part of the club events takes place on the Ad Fundum Weekends where we visit one of the diving locations in the vicinity of Groningen. These weekends are the best opportunities to get your license. You can also fraternize with your fellow Ad Fundum members and if the weather is right, bathe in the sun and enjoy a barbeque.


Once you have acquired your first star divers license you can independently dive with other divers, also outside of the boundaries of the club. Ad Fundum organizes about six Zeelandweekends every year. We usually leave on a Friday. Some leave early, others drive at the end of the day so we are flexible. We often stay at caravans that are situated right in the middle of all favorite diving spots. Once we are installed, we try to make a night dive in (tidal) water with current (the Oosterschelde) or water with current (the Grevelingen). On Sunday we leave for Groningen again.

Shorthorn sculpin

Diving holidays

VWe always look forward to one of the memorable diving holidays. In recent years we dove in Germany, Denmark, Bretange (France), Costa Brave (Spain), Corsica (France) and Nuweiba (Egypt). Ask us for these holiday during our pub visits and you will always get smiling faces and eagerly told stories.

Diving on your own

Besides all the organized dive events, you can always make a diving trip on your own by ringing one or your fellow members or by simply posting a message on our Ad Fundum WhatsApp group. We sometimes organize spontaneous trips to diving spots like Ruinerwold, Leemslagerplas or Ibbenburen. You can use the club car so organizing a dive will be as easy as possible. That’s one of the good things of diving. 

Other social events

We don not only dive into the water but also dive into the social live. We have many interesting, relaxing or exiting events like casino evenings, Sinterklaas, museum visits, visits to the National Diving Center and to medical diving institutions, we go to pub quizzes or have movie nights.

In short, you will enter a cool diving organization with an active social and diving live. Diving is what binds us!


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