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Zeeland has the most beautiful diving spots of The Netherlands. We dive in both the Grevelingen (non-current) and the Oosterschelde (current / tidal water). This is a guarantee for finding a lot of underwater life, for example large red lobsters. The tidal water in the Oosterschelde makes diving more challenging, it usually means that at certain times the visibility is less optimal. Nevertheless, you can find beautiful sea life, like large lobsters and the world famous sepia’s. The most exiting dives are the ones during the night in tidal water.


Ad Fundum frequently organizes weekend trips to Zeeland. We usually go there on a Friday and return on Sunday and stay within caravans on the middle of the island (Schouwen-Duivenland). From here we explore Zeeland. These weekends guarantee coziness, excitement and beautiful dives.

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